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Outdoor Lifestyle Innovations Ltd

Bespoke Garden Rooms and Landscaping

Outdoor Lifestyle Innovations Ltd

Example Garden Room Model

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Outdoor Lifestyle Innovations Ltd

Planning Permission Calculator

Outdoor Lifestyle Innovations Ltd

Additional Wiring Options

Typically specified during the design phase, provision can be made for additional wiring to be routed internally within the walls

Some examples are as follows:

Speaker Wiring

Internal Surround Sound Speakers

External Speakers

Computer Network

Internal CAT6 Network Cables

Patch Panels


Outdoor Lifestyle Innovations specializes in the design and construction of bespoke, contemporary, Canadian Cedar clad Garden Rooms.

Each individual room is planned to the finest detail using Computer Aided Design software.

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Initial Site Visit

During the Initial Site Visit, a ground work assessment will be made and the required specifications gathered

At this point, any potential Planning Restrictions will be highlighted

Typical Specifications

Required Size

Door & Window Requirements

Porch Requirements

Internal Layout (Stud Walls)

Additional Wiring (Click For Details)

Heating Installation

Design & Modeling

A detailed Computer Aided Design model of the Garden Room is constructed

This ensures any potential design problems are identified early and rectified

CAD Model

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Construction Documentation

The CAD Model is used to produce a complete set of detailed construction documents and a full list of required materials

At this point, a personalised quotation is created containing the model and photo-realistic renders of the Garden Room that will be constructed

Example Render

Example Garden Room

Build Process

Because every Outdoor Lifestyle Innovations Garden Room is unique, no prefabricated parts are used. The building is constructed on site from scratch.

The slideshow opposite provides an overview of what you can expect to see as your new Garden Room takes shape


Ground Works and Concrete Base Laid
Wall & Roof Framing Is Constructed
Outer Walls Are Lined With Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
Outer Walls Are Covered With A Weatherproof Breathable Membrane
Wood Batons Are Applied To The Outside To Support The Cedar Cladding
Cedar Cladding Is Applied & EPDM Roof Installed
UPVC Doors & Windows Are Fitted
Celotex™ Insulation Is Fitted To Ceiling, Walls & Floor
Walls & Ceiling Are Lined and Plastered, Laminate Flooring Is Installed
Installation Of Electrical Fittings Completes The Build

Build Process Slideshow


All Outdoor Lifestyle Innovations Garden Rooms are designed to comply with the General Permitted Development Order (England) 2015 and as such will not require Planning Permission in the majority of cases.

Any potential planning issues will be identified during the initial site visit and can be discussed with our on-staff planning expert

A quick assessment of any potential planning issues can be completed using our automated calculator below


The following items are included as standard

Ground Works

Any ground work required to ensure the Garden Room can be constructed on flat and level ground

Concrete Base

A reinforced concrete base, with damp proofing, to ensure a solid platform to support the Garden Room


All framing built using C16 Construction Rated timbers

Outer walls lined with OSB Board

Canadian Cedar Cladding


EPDM roof covering with side trim (10 Year Guarantee)


Guttering with downpipe installed to the rear of the building


100mm Celotex™ insulation in all walls and ceiling

50mm Celotex™ insulation in floors

Doors & Windows

All doors and windows supplied are rated to current building code for housing and include Argon filled Double Glazing

Interior Walls & Ceiling

Interior walls and ceiling lined with 12.5mm Plaster Board and finished with a plaster coat

Walls and ceiling painted in white

Skirting Boards


Wood effect laminate flooring


Connection to the closest available consumer unit using armored cable

Internal RCD protected consumer unit

Internal outlet sockets

Internal LED lighting with switch

External LED downlights to front of building with internal switch

External LED downlights in sofit with internal switch if appropriate

Certificate of electrical compliance issued

Outdoor Lifestyle Innovations Ltd - Registered Company Number 11036073